Bickley: Ali, MJ, Tiger – Blessing for a generation

Three men span a generation.
They are a lion in winter, a tiger in spring and a basketball player who proved that men could fly.

They are Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. One is on the decline. One is in his prime. One is about to be enshrined. For Baby Boomer sports fans, they represent a lifetime of cheering. Could future generations ever be so lucky?
Put them together in an arena, and the fighter still draws the loudest ovation. Ali is 67 now, slowly succumbing to the ravages of Parkinson’s disease. Sadly, though the bell quit ringing a long time ago, he is still under attack from his rival.

In a new HBO documentary, former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier went so far as to say Ali’s sickness is a form of divine punishment.