Big 12 teams are adept at picking up the offensive tempo

Which teams know how to use speed to their advantage? Here are the nation’s top tempo teams.
1. Oregon
The Ducks averaged 79 plays and 38.2 points per game despite finishing ninth in the Pac-10 in average time of possession (28 minutes, 37 seconds) in 2007. Get on the field, score your points and get off.

2. Auburn
Tempo guru and offensive coordinator Tony Franklin has brought his magic to the Plains this season. With a talented line and a bunch of good running backs, the effect should be immediate.

3. Troy
In the past two seasons, the Trojans have upset Oklahoma State (41-23 in 2007) and made Georgia (44-34 in 2007) and Florida State (24-14 in 2006) work much harder than they expected to. The equalizer? Offensive tempo.

4. Tulsa
Golden Hurricane coach Todd Graham is fearless on offense. In the past two seasons, he has led Tulsa and Rice to bowls. In 2007, Tulsa averaged 80 snaps, 40.5 passes and 40.3 rushes per game.