Big 12 well-represented in nation’s top 10 prospects

You’ve got the itch. We know. You’ve spent countless hours rummaging the Web with hopes of gaining an edge on whom your favorite NFL team might select in the 2010 draft and daydreaming about what that prospect might look like in your team’s colors even though a full slate of football looms. If a conclusion was made, here’s guessing that player likely played for a Big 12 team, especially if he were selected in the top 10.
There’s so much top-of-the-line talent roaming the Big 12 this season it will be one-stop shopping for upcoming mock draft aficionados and NFL scouts. That said, here’s a look at the Star-Telegram’s top 10 players/pro prospects in college football. Not to fear SEC fans, you are well represented. As are you, USC.

Taylor Mays, FS, USC