Big hire ahead for Tuberville

AUBURN — A day or two after the Iron Bowl, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville will sit down with Athletic Director Jay Jacobs for the football program’s long-awaited “postseason review.”
Presumably, most of the talk will be about the offense, which has been at the center of Auburn’s problems during the Tigers’ worst season in nearly a decade.
Auburn’s offense has recovered from the stunning mid-season firing of Tony Franklin to at least look presentable in the past couple of games, but Jacobs will want more than that. He’ll want Tuberville to explain just what he has in mind for the fifth (or sixth, depending on how you number them) offensive coordinator of his 11-year tenure.
In the next week, Tuberville needs to work on refining his pitch.

In the days since Franklin’s firing, Tuberville has pledged allegiance to the spread. Then he’s wavered a bit and said Auburn’s offense would be “multiple.” Then he’s watered down the definition of the spread so thoroughly that virtually any offense on any team in America could be considered the spread. Tuberville even said that Auburn was running the spread 50 percent of the time last year under Al Borges.