Scruggs Calls His Conduct “A Stain On My Soul”

The judge went on to say, “I don’t know why you did it, some say greed, others suggest arrogance or some say just because you could.”

The judge then said, “I don’t have to know why you did it, I just need to know you did it.”

The judge also suggested Scruggs may have been involved in similar incidents in the past. He told the defendant, “I saw how quickly you entered into this, like you had done it before. The justice system has made you a rich man, yet you have corrupted it.”

Scruggs’ lawyer John Keker, also spoke briefly Keker told the court of Scruggs, “He has fallen about a far as a man can fall.”

He went on to say, “This conduct is not Dick Scruggs.”

At one moment as he stood before the judge, Scruggs became weak and had to be given a chair. He stood up and continued a few moments later.

Neither Scruggs nor his attorney spoke to the crush of reporters as they left the court. Among those in court Friday to support Scruggs was Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Kyahat and Former Attorney General Mike Moore. Neither spoke to the media.