The past two weeks has seen a quicker pace with more media inquiries and more invitations to speak. there have been endless festivals around Mississippi.

On May 18, Bill spoke to a group at the DeSoto Co. Courthouse. This past Saturday Bill and Melba attended a fish fry at the Gumtree Park in Tupelo sponsored by the Lee Co. Democratic Committee. the outstanding crowd included present and former elected officials. Bill spoke of the reasons to vote for him and how Tupelo and Lee County have figured into his life.

On Sunday Bill visited an extended care ficility in Indianola, was invited to speak at a church and attended and attended a festival. Monday, Bill met with leaders in Sunflower County and taped a 30 minute segment for the popular television program, “Delta Scenes”.

There will be a special voter Guide in the June 4 issue of The Clarion Ledger.

The most exciting news we have is to annnounce our plans to travel the state next week via tour bus. We will post the schedule on our upcoming news and encourage you to meet us at a stop near you. Also, you are invited to ride with us on the trip. No charge for riding, but you will be responsible for your lodging and meals. We are excited about the many prospects of this bus tour!!!

Tonight I will speak at the Good Ol’ Boys and Galls Party at Johnny Morgans’s farm in Oxford.

Most importantly, please be about calling friends and relatives around the state and ask them to vote June 6 and ask them to vote for Bill.

Thanks for all the help and keep it up!!

Bill Bowlin