BILL CRAWFORD: Conservative leadership, faith bind Taggart to Kasich

But, here’s the real tie.

John Kasich is an unapologetic Christian. He unabashedly weaves his faith into his politics. He has written two books about his faith. In one he says, “I drifted away from religion as a young adult. Then I looked up one day, and there was a huge hole in my life where God and religion had been.” He turned back to faith, he said after tragedy struck his family. His parents were killed by a drunken driver.

Taggart is also an unapologetic Christian who fuses his faith into his political and professional activities. Federal Judge Leslie Southwick called him “one of the most faith-filled men I know.” Still, Taggart found his faith strengthened after the tragic death of his son. He and his wife Karen embraced a mission to speak of their tragedy and the need for strong faith to resist. “Satan picked our son,” Taggart told a group at Mississippi College. “His faith was not mature enough.”

In his endorsement of Kasich, Taggart said, Thirty five years ago, I quit my job to try to help elect a new president because I believed the nation needed Ronald Reagan’s leadership. Well, I’m not quitting my job, but I am going to work as hard as I did in those days to help John Kasich win in 2016, because I believe the nation needs his leadership just as badly.”

Bill Crawford