Bill Marcy – Bennie Thompson’s money comes from union PACs

Bill Marcy — the Republican challenger — believes that the independent challenger, Cobby Mondale Williams, is going to be a factor.

“I understand why Bennie is spending money,” Marcy tells OneNewsNow. “Right now the demographics [of the district] are approximately 42 percent white Republicans primarily to 58 percent black Democrats. And when you throw in the third-party person in this race, which will probably take votes away from Bennie Thompson, that puts us in a horserace.”

According to Marcy, much of Thompson’s money does not come from Mississippians.

“Bennie’s money comes primarily from union PACs and the teachers union, the Communication Workers of America union — groups that Mississippians are not in favor of,” the GOP candidate explains. “We are a right-to-work state [and] we like it that way. We attract businesses because we don’t require union membership.”

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