Haley and Henry: The midas boys for Reps

Like the old TV series, “All in the Family” the Barbours — Haley and Henry — seem to operate as a team with a Midas touch to get bankrollers to whip out their checkbook and shell out big bucks for Republican causes.

Haley is the uncle, and out front as the current governor of Mississippi, widely recognized as the nation’s poorest state. Henry is the 46-year-old nephew who travels below the radar while doing what he does best: cultivating corporate brass to part with chunks of their money either to elect designated GOP candidates or to buy influence with uncle Haley for his political agenda.

The Barbour and Barbour cash cow milking team goes back to when Haley was chairman of the Republican National Committee in the latter 1990s and Henry, as a mere 26 year-old was put in charge of raking in $100,000 or more in contributions from captains of capitalism.

Desoto Times