Mayor Moran is ready, willing

Oceans Springs Mayor Connie Moran, Mississippi Democrats’ standard-bearer for state Treasurer in November, is one feisty gal, who brings to the table a resume’ in world trade and economic development no other politician running for office this year can touch.

You could say Moran got a master’s degree in crisis management by steering her Gulf Coast city through the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. But it would only add to a masters degree she had already picked up academically from prestigious Georgetown University and a Fulbright scholarship to do research as an economist at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. For five years in the 1990s she headed the state’s European Trade Office in Frankfurt, Germany.

Evidently the citizens of Ocean Springs liked her leadership in recovery efforts after Katrina by electing her to a second term as their mayor in 2009. She won reelection, it must be noted, despite efforts by Gov. Haley Barbour (and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant) to elect her Republican opponent, Scott Walker.

Desoto Times Tribune