‘Salter is carrying water for the Republicans’

You’d think from what columnist Sid Salter wrote last week that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s $1 million (or more) incursion into Mississippi’s 2000 Supreme Court races was akin to guardian angel sent to save the state from “jackpot justice.”

The USCC is certainly no guardian angel. It’s the biggest lobbying organization in the world. Its agenda is to rig the laws — state and federal — to suit corporations and big business, and with its bulging money bags, elect office holders who dance when they say dance. In 2000, the Chamber targeted state elective high court judges in Mississippi and three other states.

For the Chamber to aim its juggernaut at little Mississippi — a state heavily inhabited by the poor — deserves to be branded for what it was: a takeover of our democratic electoral system. Contending its TV ad spots to elect three hand-picked state supreme court candidates were merely “issue ads” the Chamber totally ignored compliance with Mississippi’s mild 1996 campaign finance law calling for disclosure of sources of political funding.

Bill Minor