Minor: New additions add little to Mississippi’s luster

Mississippi seems to have added two distinctions to its resumé, neither of which is likely to add any luster to its national reputation.

?Now Mississippi can be called the “pistol-packing mama” state, borrowing from a popular World War II era song. In the final days of their 2015 session lawmakers voted to allow women to carry a concealed handgun in their purse. Gov. Phil Bryant triumphantly signed the bill into law.

•We now can boast of being first to erect a 110-foot-tall white cross overlooking a fried catfish eatery on U.S. 49 in the town of Florence owned by Carroll Berry and his wife. The Florence cross was dedicated on Good Friday, the holy day when millions of Christians worldwide mark the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on a rough-hewn wooden cross 2,000 years ago.

While Christian observances are conducted by religious leaders mostly in silence, in contrast, at Florence, virtual blessings came from the state’s two highest political officials, amid a campaign rally atmosphere. (After all, this is election year.)