BILL MINOR: Everyone not pleased with contract on Medicaid

“I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV.”

That pun stuck with me last week when I began digging into publicly unknown facts about the privatization of a big chunk of Mississippi’s multi-million dollar Medicaid program under what is called MSCAN, short for MississippiCAN.

MSCAN became a reality under a law that was a parting gesture of Haley Barbour as he was winding down his second term in the governorship. Naturally as Republicans do, he boasted that the state would save money if it moved a big segment of Medicaid recipients into private sector managed care. State lawmakers bought the deal.

MSCAN was implemented in January, 20ll under contract with two providers, Magnolia Health Plan, and UnitedHealthcare. Both, of course, charge a fee for their services.

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