Minor: No law gives lieutenant governor iron grip

When Taylor and Hale brought their case in 1987, several other senators filed friend of the court briefs supporting Dye’s right to keep his sweeping powers in the legislative branch.

Interestingly one of those senators was Hob Bryan of Amory who is still a senator today. What makes Bryan a more interesting figure today is that he is the leader of the Senate’s Democratic Caucus, which did not exist 28 years ago. Back then, Democrats dominated both legislative chambers.

Tate Reeves, a Republican, is the present lieutenant governor. He first occupied the job in January, 2012 when Republicans took control of the Legislature’s upper chamber. And who did Reeves call upon to author the rules resolution spelling out his powers controlling the committee system and referral of bills? Democratic Sen. Hob Bryan of Amory.

While practically all other Senate Democrats were dumped from important committee chairmanships, Bryan got one of the best ones, the Judiciary B committee.

Bill Minor
Clarion Ledger