Wilkie book says Hood was thorn to Scruggs

Two weeks ago a Wall Street Journal editorial alleged that Atty. Gen. Jim Hood was used as a pawn by disgraced tort king Dickie Scruggs to “shakedown” State Farm Insurance to settle Scruggs’ multi-million dollar 2007 lawsuit in behalf of 640 Gulf Coast homeowners angry over the company’s offered Katrina claims payment.

The Journal contended that Democrat Hood at the behest of Scruggs held a threat of criminal indictment over the head of State Farm unless it accepted a proposed settlement of the 640 claims brought by Scruggs’ lawyer group, together with lawyers’ fees.

Portions of Curtis Wilkie’s forthcoming book on Scruggs’ downfall titled “The Fall of the House of Zeus” obtained by this writer clearly put a lie to the Wall Street Journal’s version of Scruggs’ relationship with Hood during the State Farm-Katrina lawsuit episode.

Bill Minor