Bill Minor’s “liberal media nitpicking” of Rick Perry

Gov. Haley Barbour proceeded to say Perry should ignore what Barbour called “liberal media nitpicking” of Perry’s extremist views.

Mitchell quickly pointed out it was not just the media but several leading conservative Republican figures who question that some Perry far-out remarks raise questions of whether the cowboy-booted Texan is ready for prime time.

“Does Rick Perry have to change his language to become a viable Republican?” Mitchell asked Barbour, who, incidentally, dropped his pursuit of the GOP presidential nomination after being caught in print praising the segregationist white Citizens’ Councils.

Barbour said he didn’t think it was offensive that Perry had referred to FED chairman Ben Bernanke as “treasonous” and that “we would treat him pretty ugly if he came down to Texas.” Significantly, Bernanke was first appointed by Perry’s fellow Texan, George W. Bush when he was president from 2001 to 2009.

Bill Minor