Billy Donovan: Players and coaches deserve a bigger NCAA tournament

I’ve always liked the idea of an expanded NCAA tournament. A lot of coaches feel that way. Why? Most importantly, it should expand for the players.
I think it’s difficult for a player to go through college and never get a chance to play in an NCAA tournament. I went through four years at Providence and only got to experience one my senior year. We went to the Final Four, and what an unbelievable experience it was. These kids work so hard. If it’s supposed to be about these kids, and you’re saying that the NCAA tournament is the biggest sporting event in our country, why would you not want to have more kids participate?
It also should expand because everyone is being evaluated on what happens in March. Coaches are judged on whether their team makes the tournament and what their team does in the tournament, even though tournament performance can sometimes be misleading. But that’s when everyone is watching.