A message to supporters from Billy Hewes . . .

Thank you, Rankin County

Many thanks to my friends in Rankin County for our Tuesday night meet and greet reception at the Clubhouse at Lineage Lake which exceeded all expectations! Our hosts put together an outstanding event that had a standing-room-only crowd with more than 100 people and featured some mighty good food.

My message of Mississippi’s needing to continue the legacy of having strong, conservative, experienced leadership at the State Capitol continues to be well-received. The office of Lt. Governor is the most critical in our state regarding the policies government enacts, the tax revenues it collects and spends, and the direction we take as a state on economic development, job creation, and on every other issue of importance to all Mississippians. Unlike some jobs, the position of Lieutenant Governor does not lend itself well to on-the-job-training. We need to reload, not rebuild.

Mississippi needs leaders who not only understand the issues and pressures our families are facing, but also who have lived through these challenges and know how to lead through example.

I am finding that people appreciate the perspective gained from having leadership experience in the legislature, as well as having the life experience of running a successful small business, raising children and putting them through college, celebrating 25 years of marriage, living through natural and manmade disasters, and understanding that our faith must be an integral part of our lives.

For those of you who were able to make it, Paula and I thank you for your enthusiasm and offers of support for our campaign. For those who were unable to attend, we look forward to seeing you at other functions, as the race has me crisscrossing Mississippi at every opportunity!

Billy Hewes Campaign