Senator Billy Hewes announced today the addition of former congressional staffer Keith Plunkett as the newest member of his campaign staff for Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi. Plunkett begins June 1 as Communications Director for the Hewes Campaign and as the campaign’s representative for Madison County.

Plunkett has worked as a member of Mississippi Republican Congressman Gregg Harper’s staff since 2008, handling the responsibilities of District Communications and Constituent Services. A member of the Madison County GOP Executive Committee since 2006, he played a key role in organizing the base of support and grass roots effort in Madison and surrounding counties during Harper’s historic run for Congress in 2007. Harper was given little or no chance in a field of seven candidates during the campaign, but surprised many to force a runoff against a better funded and more well-known candidate. Harper went on to win the seat based primarily on his grass-roots campaigning and networking of volunteers, an effort in which Plunkett played a major role.

“I am very excited to have Keith join us as we campaign to maintain solid conservative leadership and experience in the Lieutenant Governor’s office,” said Senator Billy Hewes. “He brings with him a wealth of experience in traditional communication and new media, and is well respected in Madison County. I have worked with Keith on federal issues involving Mississippi over the past couple of years with Congressman Harper’s office. I know firsthand that he will bring to this job tenacity and a work ethic that is second to none.”

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