Many of you have been receiving these emails from me for quite a while now. In them, I’ve discussed everything from our travels across the state to issues of policy and the future of Mississippi. Running for Lt. Governor is a full-time job and my family has been there with me all along. Needless to say, when it comes to the race for Lt. Governor we are in complete agreement. But, we don’t agree on everything, and I’m hoping you can help us resolve a family conflict.

You see, my son Gardner is attempting to pick a school to attend college. As a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, I’m pushing hard in that direction. However, I’m getting a little resistance. Well, let me be honest, I’m getting a lot of resistance! My daughter Katie attends Ole Miss, and my other daughter Sarah Margaret is at Mississippi State. My wife Paula wants him close to home here on the coast, so she’s going with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, where she attended.

Gardner is caught in the middle. Truth be known, It’s he who needs your help. As the decision gets closer, I think we’re all driving him a little crazy.

As a state senator, I wrote the Mississippi Affordable College Savings Plan to make paying for college easier for Mississippi families. I have four kids, so I understand the need to prepare for that important step. What I can’t seem to figure out is how to make it easier for Gardner to make a decision as to where he’s going to go.

If you’d be willing to give us a little direction, we’d appreciate it. Just go to and click on the banner that asks that ever-growing important question, “Where should Gardner go?”

I believe you’ll find the third selection on the list to be the most appropriate. But, that’s just me.

Billy Hewes Campaign