July 25, 2011–Billy Hewes Campaign for Lt. Governor today released his latest ad addressing the need for drug testing recipients of government assistance such as welfare and unemployment. The ad features Hewes talking directly to Mississippians about the need for a new policy that helps people move from welfare to work.

“Senator Hewes has introduced legislation in the Senate to help Mississippians find good jobs,” said Hewes Spokesman Keith Plunkett. “This is but another step in that direction. Workforce training and dual track diploma’s are necessary, but without people being prepared to complete the one simple step of passing a drug test that most working people have to pass, how do we ever expect to decrease government spending on entitlements? Drug testing for those receiving government assistance is a step towards helping them move towards a job and independence.”

“In the Senate, I’ve already introduced a bill to make drug testing mandatory for those on government assistance,” said Hewes. “As the next Lt. Governor I’ll work hard to get that bill passed. Mississippians want to see an end to the revolving door of government give-aways, and they want to see more people stand up and take responsibility for their own future. After all, this is money that belongs to hardworking taxpaying Mississippians we’re talking about.”

Billy Hewes Campaign Release