As campaign finance reports reflecting activity from January 1 through April 30, 2011 are being made available today by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office, the Billy Hewes campaign for Lt. Governor announced the following campaign finance activity:
Cash-on-hand: $1,169,744
Billy Powell, former Republican Party Chairman and Republican activist stated, “Billy represents exactly the type of leadership we need as Lt. Governor. The personal and professional example he has set during his 20 years of service to our state is reflected in his business and family-oriented approach to governance. Because of his manner of conduct, he is well respected in the Senate and has the proven ability to work across party lines. If there was ever a time for Mississippi to have a leader we can trust to effectively lead in the legislature, that time is now. That person is Billy Hewes.”.
President Pro-Tempore Billy Hewes stated, “Paula and I have been well-received in every community we have visited across this Great State of ours. This support is reflected in today’s report – not only from a total contributions level, which has made us very competitive, but from a broad cross section of contributors from throughout Mississippi. We are finding that, as a result of my life experiences, people want a Lt. Governor who they can relate to, who can effectively lead in the Senate, and who will conduct himself in a manner Mississippians can be proud of, as I have always done. With less than three months to go, we are on pace to win this race, as folks are responding to our message of strong family values, smaller and smarter government, conservative, business-minded experience, and proven leadership.”

Billy Hewes Campaign Release