Hewes wants to send unoccupied FEMA trailers to Haiti

State Sen. Billy Hewes III wants to send unoccupied FEMA trailers from Mississippi to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, which is believed to have killed tens of thousands of people and displaced many more.

That was just one local development Friday related to earthquake relief. A South Mississippi man also is heading to Haiti to help make water-related repairs, and an international group is asking locals for supplies that can be sent to the country.

Hewes, R-Gulfport, said Friday he was working with government officials to get the trailer plan moving. State officials have determined the decision rests with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which owns the trailers. Hewes notes tens of thousands of Mississippians lived in temporary housing after Hurricane Katrina, so they understand the need in Haiti.

“If they’re being staged in Mississippi and there is no apparent use for them, there’s a great need for them down in Haiti and there’s no need for them to sit here in Mississippi,” Hewes said.

“Nobody understands that better than folks who have lived through it.”

Sun Herald