Black Bears, Landsharks and Cardinals. Oh my!

OXFORD — After a rejuvenating vacation that included some World Cup soccer, watching my three-month old daughter, a trip to Missouri and general laziness, I hope everyone is doing well. This morning, we’ll ease back into the Ole Miss beat with some mascot discussion.

That’s right — the Ole Miss Mascot Selection Committee has narrowed about 1,000 suggestions to 11 prospective on-field mascots. (As for the usual disclaimer: “Ole Miss” and “Rebels” are not changing. Just the on-field mascot.) Here’s a link to the 11 candidates — which were announced this morning. Most of the 11 candidates — like the Black Bear, Landshark, Cardinal, Horse and Riverboat Pilot — are ones I’ve seen mentioned on message boards and heard about in conversations with Ole Miss fans. It’s just concepts right now. No pictures. Those affiliated with Ole Miss (students, season ticket holders, etc.) can vote on which mascot idea they like best.