Desoto County Association Endorses Blackwell for State Senate

The DeSoto County Association of Educators recently announced its support and endorsement of Kevin Blackwell for Senate, District 19. A committee of DeSoto County Educators interviewed Blackwell and his opponent, “and one thing became abundantly clear: Kevin Blackwell is the candidate we need to support and endorse.” wrote Andy Wilson, Chairman of the DeSoto County Association of Educators Endorsement Committee.

In a letter to the members of the DeSoto County Association of Educators Wilson elaborated “There were a number of factors that made him (Blackwell) stand out in the interview process. His work experience, education, his knowledge and familiarity with the problems of health insurance; however, the main trait that made this committee see him as our candidate was the direct and unequivocal way he answered our questions. Too often when listening to candidate’s response to questions you are left with wondering just what did they say? With Kevin we were always struck with his directness.”

Wilson further added: “Kevin Blackwell has three children that attend DeSoto County Schools, a fact this committee felt was very important when looking at his opponent. He pledged to vote to fully fund MAEP every year – not just during a campaign year. Our association wholeheartedly endorses Kevin Blackwell for Senate, District 19.”

“It is an honor and privilege to have the support of the DeSoto County teachers and educators”, stated Blackwell. “Our teachers and students are doing their job as evidenced by DeSoto County having all Level 4 & 5 schools. It’s past time for the legislature to do their job in fully funding our education program. With three children in the DeSoto County school system I have a vested interest to see that our schools are fully funded every year – not just election years. “