Kevin Blackwell has endorsed David Parker in the Senate District 19 run-off election on November 27.

“As a small businessman and a Republican leader, I believe David Parker is the best candidate in the race to represent DeSoto County in the Senate and promote conservative policies to help businesses grow and create jobs, fight for lower taxes and better schools, and ensure our government cuts wasteful spending,” Blackwell said.

He continued, “Like me, he knows what it takes to run a small business and understands the challenges of creating jobs and increasing economic development opportunities for our community. I endorse David Parker and encourage my supporters to go vote again on November 27 and to choose David Parker.”

Blackwell is a small business owner, chairman of the DeSoto County Republican Party, and has been a leader in the Southaven and Olive Branch Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce.
Blackwell also noted that electing Parker would ensure full legislative representation during the upcoming legislative session.

“DeSoto County doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on yet another special election, possibly another run-off, and suffer from under representation in the next legislative session, which would happen if Pat Nelson is elected and has to resign his seat in the House of Representatives. We just elected Pat last year and I think he should finish that job and not jump at some other political job,” Blackwell said.


Parker sent out this release:

Dr. David Parker thanked Kevin Blackwell today for his endorsement in the November 27 run-off election for Senate District 19.

“I’ve really gotten to know Kevin during this campaign and appreciate his friendship and leadership. He has served our community in many ways and I hope one day he and I can both serve in the legislature together to promote DeSoto County values. I’m humbled by his endorsement and thankful for his support,” Parker said.

Parker continued, “Kevin has been so gracious to introduce me to many of his supporters and they’re already helping us get the word out to remind people to vote again on November 27. After the recent election and with Thanksgiving coming up, a lot of people don’t know they have the opportunity to vote again. Kevin and his team are working hard with my team to get the voters out again.”

Parker grew up in Southaven, owns and works as an Optometrist at Olive Branch Eyecare and recently announced a new eyecare clinic and commercial development in Horn Lake. He and his wife Ashleigh and their four children live in Olive Branch and attend Getwell Road United Methodist Church.

Parker took 34% of the vote in the November 6 election with 10,396 votes. Blackwell took 26% of the vote with 8,059 votes. Parker faces Pat Nelson in a run-off election on Tuesday, November 27. Nelson edged Blackwell by 248 votes to get into the run-off.