RED/Blue – Thompson holds more than a million for next campaign

Second quarter campaign finance reports have been filed by Mississippi’s four congressmen. For the last three months, Bennie Thompson led the group in raising $413,559. He now has $1,584,715 cash in the bank as of June 30, 2009. I think it is safe to say he now owns the Second Congressional Distrist.

Travis Childers raised $233,244 for the last three months, leaving him with $289,006 cash in the bank after expenses. And this is more than a year from the campaign. And there’s a lot more coming for this race. A lot more.

As for Mississippi’s other two incumbents, Gregg Harper raised $72,618 during this same period, leaving him with $60,815 cash on hand. And Gene Taylor raised $74,626, increasing his cash in the bank to $233,112. Gene Taylor can remain in Congress for as long as he wants, and from all that I hear, Harper is making all the right moves to ensure an easy re-election campaign next year.

Jere Nash
The Clarion-Ledger