A Hot Mess: McGlowan Digs Deeper Hole

This follow-up interview is a hot mess! Ms. McGlowan ducks and dodges legitimate questions: specificity on the guns issue, how long has she lived in Mississippi, does she own a home in Mississippi, where has she filed her federal taxes, has she paid Mississippi state income, where has she voted for the past 10 years, what is her platform, etc. She comes off as defensive, and has too much attitude. Virtually from the jump, she interrupts the radio host too much. Ms. McGlowan spends time attacking other candidates (other GOP candidates; the Democratic incumbent Rep. Travis Childers) than forthrightly answering the dang questions.

If Ms. McGlowan has evolved on the guns issue, she needs to be honest. However, her response makes no sense. That “devil’s advocate” holds no water when you review the original audio. Nowhere in that August 2009 radio interview does she state that she was playing devil’s advocate, and she was forcefully arguing her position. And how can she later claim that she has changed her mind on a position, that she simultaneously claims she never held in the first place?

Several times during the interview, she laughs where she shouldn’t be laughing (e.g., when folks who were once on her side tell her that she is going all over the place on policy issues). She just doesn’t seem serious about people’s policy concerns about her. Even the black guy named Richard of Jackson, Miss. (in the third audio segment), who doesn’t live in the district but was originally on her side, called her out for her “fishtailing” and not answering the questions. Her BSing in this interview is what turns a lot of folks off about (wannabe) politicians.

Booker Rising