Blog Bag: High Entertainment Value (MSU)

I know, I know, I don’t have the answer to what was the most popular question this week: How the play-calling works. What Sylvester Croom said after Woody McCorvey’s return from surgery – that he would call the plays himself if Woody wasn’t up to it – implies that Woody was the main play-caller. I’ll jump on that question early next week, or maybe Saturday if the offense struggles.
Now, for what I do know.

Q: I heard it would cost us $3 million to buy out Croom at the end of the season. Is there going to be new money coming in from the Learfield Media deal we signed a few months ago and the new ESPN deal? If so, could this possibly help us buy him out?
A: Athletics director Greg Byrne hasn’t made public Croom’s buyout amount. MSU will definitely get some money from those media deals, but the buyout money comes from private donations.