While I might be known as a political/web geek, those closest to me know me as having an outdoors habit of the highest order.

For a long time, I have been advocating privately to change Mississippi’s deer season in order to give Mississippi landowners, hunting clubs and the MDWFP more tools in their arsenals to manage Mississippi’s growing deer herd. Rep. Bo Eaton (D) has written the exact same bill that I would have written to increase primitive weapons and total gun days of the Mississippi deer season. Having three extra weeks of primitive weapons season, and more importantly three extra weeks where kids can hunt with rifles means more family time in the woods and more deer on the ground (both great things from my point of view).

The bill (HB 1282) seems to have some momentum. The season would basically look like this:

Oct 1 – Oct 31 – archery only
Nov 1 – Sat before Thanksgiving – archery and primitive weapons
SBT – Dec 1 – gun. primitive weapons and archery
Dec 2 – Dec 15 – archery and primitive weapons
Dec 15 – Jan 31 – gun, archery and primitive weapons

Archers may complain, but they still get FOUR WHOLE MONTHS of the season to harvest deer. Their exclusive in the woods gets trimmed back 3 weeks. However, the vast majority of Mississippi hunters hunt with guns/primitive weapons and our deer harvest numbers are down. With the rut starting in North MS in early to mid November, many hunters delay doe harvest recommendations or even worse, they never get the job done. This is vital to keep a healthy herd.

Call your senator and urge them to pass HB 1282. With the support of MDWFP, it should get the Governor’s signature.