Bob Sansevere: Brett Favre needs to shut up, show up to camp

Brett Favre was terrific last season, leading an otherwise average Green Bay Packers team to the postseason. Chances are, he’d be impressive this year, too — if he would quit acting like a crybaby and just agree to play.

Instead of whining about how the Packers are treating him, instead of going on Greta Van Susteren’s show on Fox News Channel and saying he’s tempted to call the team’s “bluff” and show up for training camp, Favre should wise up, shut up and show up.
For a guy known for his toughness in games, Favre is remarkably thin-skinned and he comes off as having an IQ lower than Tarvaris Jackson’s quarterback rating. (That rating was 70.8 in 2007, and an IQ score in that range puts someone just north of being a moron.)
The Packers aren’t going to give Favre his outright release. And they sure aren’t going to trade him to a contending team in the NFC, so anyone with pipe dreams of him joining the Vikings needs to be whacked upside the head with a brick of reality.
The smart thing for Favre, if he truly wants to play again, is to go to camp. So what if the Packers say he’d be the backup to Aaron Rodgers. They’d be dunderheads to start Rodgers ahead of Favre. Presumably, what the Packers really want is some sort of an assurance from Favre that he’s not going to jerk them around and retire again before camp is over.
And if they’re actually sincere about Rodgers starting ahead of Favre, then the Vikings have one less team to fret about.