Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Tupelo, Bobby Harrison column

The political parties have a 1st Amendment right to endorse whomever they want. Of course, they also have the right to remain silent on the issue since the candidates do not run as Republicans or Democrats. And in some judicial races, they are remaining silent.

No doubt, Republicans in Mississippi are on the rise. We can debate the reasons why, but the fact is that most white Mississippians vote Republican just as an overwhelming number of blacks vote Democratic. Right now there are a lot more whites than blacks in Mississippi.

To remain viable, the Democratic Party must field candidates who can garner a significant number of white votes.

Bill Waller Jr. has that potential. It is debatable whether he will ever run for an office other than Supreme Court justice. His flirtation with the 2011 gubernatorial campaign might have been a momentary thing never to be revisited.

But who knows for sure?

And who knows for sure how the Democratic Party’s endorsement of his opponent might impact his future — for the 2012 judicial election and beyond?

Bobby Harrison
Daily Journal