BOBBY HARRISON: Cochran holds important place in Mississippi’s history

On my nearly stone-age era telephone/answering machine at my desk in the state Capitol is a message left by U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran.

It has survived since 2009. I had called his spokesman earlier that particular day to get a comment on a Medicaid-related issue. I really expected his spokesman to get a comment and relay it back to me either by email or by phone.

That is often how it works in this modern era. When I left fairly late that evening, I still had not heard from Cochran or his spokesman. Since Washington, D.C., is an hour ahead of us, I assumed there would be no statement coming from Cochran. But when I returned the next morning, there was a message left on my answering machine from the previous night – not from a spokesman, but from Cochran.

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