BOBBY HARRISON: Where was outrage about earlier comments?

Yes, McDaniel apparently said some controversial or at least inartful things while serving as a talk radio host. He sounded – aghast, like a talk radio host – not much different than many who can be found on the radio dials on any day in Mississippi.

He said things like he would stop paying taxes if the government was going to pay reparations for slavery, and talked derisively about the Mexican economy.

And yes, McDaniel spoke at least one Sons of Confederate Veterans event.

Race has been a theme – sometimes overt, but often covert – in Mississippi elections for literally all of our lives.

It was no mistake that in the 2003 gubernatorial election Barbour hammered then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove for supporting a new state flag that did not include the Confederate cross. It did not make any difference that Musgrove said the people through an election had rejected a new flag proposal and as far as he was concerned the issue of a new flag was dead. Despite that, in the 2008 U.S. Senate race, Musgrove was again hammered on the same dead flag issue by Roger Wicker of Tupelo.

Some have voiced concern for years about the racial theme that often shows up in Mississippi elections.

Apparently, in the current Republican primary for Senate, the pool of people voicing concerns about racially insensitive comments has grown.

Maybe that means Mississippi is progressing. Or maybe means that in Mississippi politics, hypocrisy, not race, is the one constant.

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