McCoy made costly error

McCoy must remember that is not the environment in which he now operates. He is a major player in a full-fledged partisan environment with a major target on his back.

And when he does something as boneheaded as grant Majority Leader Tyrone Ellis, D-Starkville, permission to attend this week’s Democratic National Convention at state expense, he opens himself up to criticism that he is the politician most responsible for the partisan environment.

Of course, when a firestorm developed over the issue, Ellis stepped up and agreed to pay his own way to the convention in Denver. But a certain amount of damage already had been done. He gave his critics plenty of ammunition.

Democrats already start behind the eight ball in Mississippi. In many other parts of the country, Republicans run claiming to be moderates – even though that belies the national platform of the Republican Party.

In Mississippi, Democrats campaign as conservatives even though that runs contrary to the national party’s position on many issues.

Just as there are issues that make those northeastern Republicans members of their party, there are reasons that conservatives in Mississippi like McCoy want to be a member of the Democratic Party.

But to thrive – not just to survive in Mississippi – conservative Democrats like McCoy can’t make decisions that provide easy fodder for their opposition.

Bobby Harrison
NE MS Daily Journal