Bolivar County votes certified

The Bolivar County Election Commission officially certified the primary runoff votes for Bolivar County on Wednesday.

Thad Cochran received 1,996 votes while his opponent Chris McDaniel received 761 votes.

There were only six voters who did not present valid voter identification in the primary and were notified to do so within 5 days of the election.

No voter appeared and these results are now final.

“In the first primary, we had seven individuals who appeared at the polls without identification and during the primary runoff, we had a total of six. We have not compared any information to see whether or not these are the same individuals,” Bolivar County Circuit Clerk Marilyn Kelly.

“The Secretary of State Office even made attempts to contact these individuals in every county. We are trying our best to reach out to the voters in Bolivar County,” she added.

The Bolivar Commercial