Bowden: Tommy knew expectations weren’t met (by Terry Bowden)

During my years as a studio analyst for college football on ABC Sports, there was one thing that my co-host, John Saunders, used to always tell me: “Be thankful every day that you’re not an over-the-shoulder.”
He was talking about the picture-in-picture headshots that appear on the screen, over the announcer’s shoulder while they’re breaking a big – and often bad – story.
Monday, my brother Tommy (Bowden) was the over-the-shoulder, and I know exactly what John was talking about. Tommy agreed to resign as the coach at Clemson after a disappointing 3-3 start to a season that was supposed to lead to the ACC title.
It is not easy to watch anyone go through such an ordeal, but when it is a family member, it makes it that much tougher.