Bowl game a good thing?

The question keeps popping up whether or not it’d be a good thing for the Florida State Seminoles to make a bowl game this season.

It may seem like a silly question to some, but not when you really break it down.

I’m in the opinion that the Seminoles won’t benefit at all in the long run from making a bowl game.

This is breaking from the norm.

Usually a team wants a bowl game no matter what its record, and the Seminoles shouldn’t end the season with anything better than a 6-6 mark.

The reason teams like these extra bowl games is that they use them for a springboard into the following season by receiving about 17 extra practice dates over a month’s period.

For the Seminoles, there are much bigger issues holding the team back.

There’s been so much turmoil this season surrounding the state of the program, that I believe it’s in the best benefit of the school to go ahead and put 2009 in the rearview mirror. Florida State should never look back.

There’s so many questions popping up about the Seminoles and 2010, that there’s no benefit to keep dragging 2009 out.

Making a bowl game would just lead to another month of trying to put an answer at the end of these lingering questions:

Who is going to coach the Seminoles in 2010? Will it be Bobby Bowden or will it be Jimbo Fischer?

Who is going to replace Mickey Andrews as defensive coordinator next season?

Who is going to hire the replacement for Andrews next season? Is it going to be Bowden? Is it going to be Fischer?