Boyce Adams calls on Presley to return Scruggs, Balducci and Patterson’s contributions

Boyce Adams Calls On Commissioner Brandon Presley To Return Campaign Contributions From Convicted Felons

Scruggs, Patterson, Balducci all contributors to Brandon Presley’s Campaign

Columbus, Miss. – Sept. 22, 2011 – Today, Boyce Adams, Republican nominee for Northern District Public Service Commissioner, called on Commissioner Brandon Presley to return contributions he took from convicted felons.

“Brandon Presley has more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from convicted felons and it is time he returned that money or donated it to a charitable cause,” said Boyce Adams. “People need to know their elected officials are willing to do the right thing and not keep donations from convicted felons like Dickie Scruggs, Steve Patterson or Timothy Balducci, so now is Brandon Presley’s chance to prove it. I think all Mississippians would agree with me that it is time for Brandon Presley to do the right thing.”

Below is a list of convicted felon campaign contributors to Brandon Presley, the date they contributed, and the amount they contributed:

Timothy R. Balducci

4/30/07 $2500

7/12/07 $2500

Richard (Dickie) Scruggs

7/24/07 $5000

Steve Patterson

4/9/07 $5000

4/30/07 $2000

8/7/07 $2000

11/1/07 $2500


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