Brad Childress says he won’t give Brett Favre a deadline

MINNEAPOLIS — Vikings coach Brad Childress spent some time with Brett Favre in the training room early Tuesday morning before Favre hopped a flight home to Mississippi.

They didn’t talk about Favre’s future, but the biggest question of the Vikings’ offseason lingers: Was Tuesday his final day at Winter Park?

“I don’t have an expectation,” Childress said. “I know he had a great experience here. I know it too well to know that emotions are a little bit raw right now. We’re still too close to it. He’s earned his time to be able to step away from it and talk to his family and figure out what he wants to do. But I don’t have a strong expectation one way or the other. It would not surprise me one way or the other.”

Childress said he wouldn’t give Favre a deadline for deciding whether he will return for his 20th NFL season or retire. Favre had tears in his eyes Sunday after the Vikings season ended in a 31-28 overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC title game.