BRAD LOCKE:Beginning of a new season’ goes well for Bulldogs

STARKVILLE – Who cares if it was “just Vanderbilt?” Who cares if rankings are highly subjective and often aren’t a good indicator of how strong a given team is?

What matters is that on Saturday, in front of thousands of fans just itching for something to cheer about, Mississippi State knocked off the No. 13-ranked Vanderbilt Commodores. When the final horn sounded, the MSU faithful let loose a roar that you could tell had been pent up for weeks. They’d been wanting to cheer like this all season and finally had a reason to.

While it’s hard to call a win over Vanderbilt a huge upset, it can be called a turning point. The hardest part of the Bulldogs’ schedule is behind them, theoretically. Suddenly, all sorts of possibilities open up.
Dare we say … bowl game?
Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
But it does feel like a new season to the MSU players. A chance to start over, to put that hideous 1-4 start behind them and just get on a freakin’ roll.