I am excited to announce that I will be a republican candidate for the Mississippi House of Representatives, District 111.

The decision making process was an exhaustive one as there is much to consider. In the end I became comfortable that my conservative philosophies reflect those of a majority of the citizens of district 111. I also became comfortable that my extensive Mississippi roots provided me with the pride and love for our state needed to sincerely seek policies that are in her best interest. My interaction with the children of our community whether it be learning to field a ground ball, safely handle a rifle, shoot for the corner of the soccer net or just watching them while I worked the microphone at a Soap Box Derby has given me a genuine love for them and a determination to improve the educational opportunities for them while they are in school and job opportunities once they have graduated.

I have labored in the hull of a ship at Ingall’s in 100 degree heat, worked my way through college while raising a family, spent a little time in our favorite oil refinery and started a couple of businesses. I spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ small farms enjoying all of the simple pleasures that we hold so dear here in Mississippi and learning from them the value of hard work for an honest dollar. I am a product of a broken home and endured the pains of financial hardship. I stood with you as we attempted to digest the devastation of our community by our nation’s worst natural disaster and I am so proud of how we dusted ourselves off and set about the task of rebuilding. I am a husband of 27 years and the father of 2 daughters. I am the grandson of an ailing lady whose funds were not sufficient to care for her in her final years. If any of these sounds like a boast please forgive me for that is not the intent. I use these experiences as examples of how character is shaped. So that you may know through these varied experiences I hope I have gained insight to a number of issues that will allow me to see situations from several perspectives.

I can’t say that I ever really desired to be a politician and I don’t intend to be one when I get to Jackson. I do intend to aggressively pursue an agenda that I believe will provide substantial benefit to our district and our state. There are 122 members of the House of Representatives. 53 of those seats belong to republicans. If we can win 9 more, republicans will control the house for the first time in history and it is very likely that republicans will retain control of the senate and governor. This will set the stage for unprecedented non-partisan policy making for the first time in recent history. Current speaker of the house, Billy McCoy, who has been deemed by some as “Mississippi’s Nancy Pelosi” will no longer be able to advance his liberal agenda of bigger government with a tax and spend mind-set nor will he be able to handcuff the common sense, conservative manner that we would like to see emanating through government.

I am committed to being your voice but I will need your support.

Thank you,

Charles H. Busby, P.E.
President and CEO

hattip Majority in MS