Nunnelee outraises Childers again

Senator Alan Nunnelee, the conservative candidate for Congress, outraised his opponent Travis Childers again in the most recent fundraising quarter.

In this quarter of fundraising, Nunnelee posted strong results, raising $312,000 for the fall.

Nunnelee attributes his strong fundraising to frustration with the leadership in Congress. “People are tired of Nancy Pelosi and her Congress’ broken promises. They’ve spent billions of our taxpayer dollars with promises of economic recovery. Those promises have been broken at every turn.”

“The people of the First District understand that we need new leadership,” added Nunnelee. “On my first day in office, I’m going to vote to fire Nancy Pelosi and return Congress to conservative leadership – leadership that will hold the line on wasteful spending and tax increases, and promote real job creation.”

Alan Nunnelee Campaign Release