In a rather surprising move, despite previous comments, former Republican candidate Angela McGlowan emailed supporters this afternoon and threw her official support behind Republican nominee Alan Nunnelee in his bid against incumbent Rep. Travis Childers (D).

This is quite a coup for the Nunnelee campaign. Having won a contested primary with three well known candidates on the first ballot, thus conserving cash, and now to have gotten endorsements from the losing candidates, Nunnelee sets the Republican party up to have a well funded campaign with a unified base in the district. Depleted resources and party disunity were the keys to Childers win in 2008 in a district that leans heavy for Republicans. It’s obvious that Nunnelee’s camp has worked hard behind the scenes to make this a reality.

Her email in full.

Dear Friends:

First, I cannot even begin to tell you all how humbled I am to have received such overwhelming support during my 2010 campaign for Congress. I was honored to be part of a process that allowed for true debate on issues that matter most to Mississippians, and hope that Conservative change is in America’s future.

After speaking with Senator Alan Nunnelee, I was reassured that he is committed to protecting the taxpayers of the 1st Congressional District by promoting fiscally responsible policies, if elected to Congress.

Because of this, I am extending my endorsement and support to Senator Nunnelee and his campaign to help restore Conservative values in Washington, DC.

I congratulate both Henry Ross and Senator Nunnelee on a well-run race and look forward to Alan’s victory in November.

God Bless,

Angela McGlowan