Breaking down Texas’ and LSU’s offensive woes

Well, let’s start with both teams’ offensive identities: What are they? For three years, I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly LSU’s Miles and Crowton are trying to do. At least during their 2007 title season, they had a powerful, go-to running back (Jacob Hester) who could pick up the tough yards and open up the play-action for quarterback Matt Flynn. Since then, it’s been a potpourri of misery. At one point, the Tigers were a running team with Charles Scott. Sometimes they still are with Ridley. Sometimes they morph into an option team. Sometimes they realize they’ve got a bunch of speedy receivers and perhaps Jefferson should try to throw downfield to them. Crowton’s master plan seems to be to throw as many different looks at a defense as possible, which is admirable (Boise State does much the same thing), but the Tigers aren’t particularly good at any of them.