On Friday, February 18, Judge Joe Brown will be on campus at Ole Miss to address the students and people of Mississippi and give Congressional candidate, Angela McGlowan, his official endorsement. Judge Joe Brown, the well-respected host of a nationally syndicated courtroom television show, is scheduled to make his announcement at noon in front of the Student Center, facing the Grove.

Angela McGlowan, Oxford native, author and former Fox News Political Analyst, is fresh off of her energetic and captivating Anti-Incumbent, Pro-Mississippi Values tour through the First Congressional District in which she officially announced her candidacy for a run at Congress.

McGlowan is the conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-small business Mississippi Republican who, at TEA Parties in Tupelo, Hernando and Memphis, has taken a high profile stand for working families and against the liberal policies of President Barrack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that promote big government spending, record national debt and excessive levels of taxation.