Robert Moultrie has withdrawn his plea of not guilty and has pleaded to a one-count information in the Beef Plant case.

Moultrie has a max of 10 years and a $250,000 fine.


Beef Plant Plea

Fact Basis

In August, 2003, to complete the amount contemplated in the July fund raiser, Moultrie caused the PAC to issue a $20,000 check to Musgrove’s campaign. However, in September 2003, Musgrove contacted Moultrie for another campaign contribution of $25,000. At the time, The Facility Group was aware of potential problems in the design and construction of the plant. Moultrie and Cawood subsequently had a conversation about giving this contribution to Musgrove intending to influence and reward him for the performance of his official duties should his assistance be needed on any potential problems on the project.