There has been a lot of movement on the civil side of the Dickie Scruggs et. al. juggernaut this week.

We have had the leaks of sealed documents by Dickie Scruggs to ABC/CBS/AP/NYT in the Qui Tam case revealed in the McIntosh case earlier in the week.

In the Qui Tam case, the depositions of Kerri Rigbsy and her two friends Dana Lee and Tammy Hardison were extremely instructive about the Rigsby Gals and Pat Lobrano’s relationship with Scruggs, how the Rigsby Gals operated to try and recruit other Renfroe/State Farm employees to their scheme, and how some of Dickie’s theatrics of having “an inside source in Bloomington” was a staged spectacle meant only to intimidate.

Today, State Farm has filed a subsequent “Attachment” filing that is supposed to be supplemental for their Motion to Dismiss. In the attachment, State Farm lays out the leaks and other improper conduct of the Rigsby Gals/Dickie cabal to further justify their request that the case be dismissed. Though not much new ground was broken, it is an interesting read and lays out the media leaks in a concise fashion.

Right now, the filings in the civil cases drive the train of new information. I have talked to several press folks who are only interested in what the US Attorney files. To find out what REALLY happened in this mess, follow the civil side. The pieces are coming together pretty quickly and we have learned a lot in the last week. Should Dickie and Zach be compelled to testify without 5th amendment protection, we could know even more . . . and soon.