Breaking the huddle at the season’s halfway point (College Football)

If the 2007 season taught us nothing else, it revealed the folly of attempting before the last weekend to predict which teams would play in the BCS National Championship Game. Even if this season isn’t approaching the upset-a-week pace of 2007, the lesson is obvious.
A midseason assessment of the national championship race reminds me of the episode my wife refers to as Ivan’s America’s Cup. She once tried to teach me how to sail. Having assessed the variables — wind, rudder, boom, drowning — I successfully negotiated us into a place so remote that Garmin, had he been GPSing back then, couldn’t have found us.

Rather than assess the race, let’s just break down the contenders into four categories.

Undefeated Teams, Automatic-Bid Conferences, Not the Big 12: No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 Penn State