With a major hattip to NMC, it looks like jilted lawyers are swooping in for the civil kill. Although this is only one side of a civil case, Wilson seems to be doling out the sort of legal whoopin’ once only reserved for tort barons like Scruggs. Judging from those named in the lawsuit and those just mentioned, Wilson seems to be embarking on a scorched earth approach.

Here is the complaint.

Roberts Wilson, Jr. has filed suit (again) against Dickie Scruggs, Zach Scruggs, Balducci, Patterson, and Ed Peters alleging that their conspiracy with DeLaugher and a former US Senator to deprive him of fees should pay him big bucks.

Here are the salient comments from NMC

First interesting issue is that Zach is sued. When the facts in Wilson were to be 404b (other crime) evidence in Scruggs I, there was an argument made by Zach’s lawyers that the evidence should not come in or Zach should get severance because he had nothing to do with the bribe in that case. While the US Attorney seemed to accept that in responding, I noted at the time that he’d written Johnny Jones (one of his father’s lawyers) an email that they could win the case with a brief written on a napkin.

Second interesting thing is that Joey Langston is not sued. It was noted in the government’s 5K motion for Langston, I think, that Wilson had settled with Langston.

Again, this is only one side in the civil suit, but it is significant. Whether it foreshadows the movement in the criminal cases from the US Attorney’s office is something I think we will know shortly.